February 09, 2016
We recently traveled with a group of partners to visit several of the projects we support in Peru. In the guest post below, Kaley Caperton shares her experience visiting the Children’s Village of Hope in Iquitos during her personal “Fruit of the Spirit Challenge.” When I woke up yesterday I began to think "What angle do I approach Goodness?" Do I try to be good? Do I look for good? How does goodness come about? We landed in Iquitos around 12 and headed straight to the district of Belen. Poverty, broken homes, children running around the street with nothing to do, trash everywhere, dogs that...Read more
January 04, 2016
Friends, 2015 was a special year as it marked 10 years of ministry for Orphan’s Promise! It’s amazing what God has done over the last 10 years. Through His faithfulness and provision we’ve gone from one training center in Ukraine to now working in more than 60 countries, serving well over 100,000 children annually. Here are some highlights from this past year. In Ukraine , we continue to run, expand and multiply Training Centers for graduating orphans, the successful template project started 10 years ago that has been replicated not only throughout the different regions of Ukraine, but also...Read more
October 09, 2015
Ministering to Children and Families from the Philippines and Indonesia What a joy it is for me to connect with those across Asia-Pacific who have been impacted through the ministry of Orphan’s Promise! In 2015, I have been blessed to meet with OP beneficiaries from across India, Thailand, China, Mongolia, and just recently in the Philippines and Indonesia. God is working, and it is exciting to see the transformation that He brings in the lives of vulnerable children and families. In August, I had the privilege to visit OP projects and partners in the Philippines and Indonesia. OP currently...Read more
September 29, 2015
In Eastern Ukraine, in the city of Slavyansk, extensive amounts of destruction were left as a result of three months of intense fighting in the summer of 2014. Alexei and Olya and
 their three young children miraculously were not at home when a shell hit their house, causing it to burn to the ground. The fire destroyed all that remained - walls, clothing, Alexei’s tools and Olya’s sewing machine. The things that had previously provided them with income were completely destroyed. Alexei and Olya lost everything when a shell hit their house, causing it to burn to the ground. With three children...Read more
September 24, 2015
Rudolph Harris traveled to Mariupol, Ukraine with his wife in the summer
 of 2013. During the trip he spent time
 at a small Christian orphanage where
 he got to know a group of children. A photographer and artist by trade, Rudolph had the idea to photograph the children in hopes of later painting their portraits. He never dreamed that in less than a year these same children would have to be evacuated from their home and relocated to Western Ukraine because the growing military conflict had nearly reached their front door. Rudolph Harris and his wife with Orphan's Promise and CBN...Read more
September 22, 2015
This month we take you to
 the “birth place of Orphan’s Promise” - Ukraine! Thirteen years ago, Terry Meeuwsen traveled to Ukraine to adopt three sisters. Little did she know this would be the catalyst for launching a ministry that would later spread around the globe! Ukraine has been in the media spotlight recently as conflict has raged in the country’s east. When the conflict began in 2014, our staff became first responders, assisting refugee families who fled the conflict zone and we are providing ongoing assistance and relief as the battle continues. Orphan’s Promise is currently...Read more
September 01, 2015
Lives Are Being Transformed in Southern and Central Thailand This year, Orphan’s Promise (OP) is blessed to be able to support vulnerable children and families in 12 projects across Thailand, from the far mountainous North to the deep costal South. In August 2015, I had a chance to visit five of these projects with my staff member, Pook, in southern and central Thailand. We were so encouraged by the lives being transformed and the quality project partners Orphan’s Promise is privileged to work with. Once arriving in the south, it took a half-day drive and a long-tailed boat trip to reach our...Read more
August 27, 2015
Journey with us to the most populous nation in the world, China! Our founder, Terry Meeuwsen, recently returned from this land that boasts the Great Wall of China—a masterpiece that was built throughout many Chinese dynasties and totals more than 13,000 miles! Orphan’s Promise currently supports 7 projects in China. These projects include supporting foster families, education and back to school programs, life changing surgeries and support for a home that cares for special needs children. All of these projects aim to do what OP does best—bring kids from at risk to thriving! Did You Know? With...Read more
August 24, 2015
Dear Friends of Orphan’s Promise, Can you believe we’re more than halfway through 2015? God has been so good to Orphan’s Promise and I see His hand at work in over 100 projects we support all over the world. While I could go on and on about each one, I’d like to tell you about an exciting new project that we’re partnering with in Africa that’s not only focused on the immediate needs of children today, but is building a firm foundation for the future. Orphan’s Promise has come alongside a local ministry in Mozambique to build a children’s village where orphans and vulnerable children can...Read more
August 04, 2015
We travel south to a land that boasts of alpacas and the Amazon River, and is also home to one of the wonders of the world – Machu Picchu! With nearly 30 million people, Peru is the 4th most populous country in South America and home to
 a growing work of Orphan’s Promise outreaches! Did you know? 40% of children in Peru are living in poverty. 81% of the nation is Roman Catholic, but the influence and superstitions of Peru’s indigenous people, the Inca, are also pervasive. The Global Slavery Index 2014 estimated that there are 66,300 people in modern slavery in Peru, and the trafficking of...Read more


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