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Vitaly’s Story

Dreaming of a Future of Promise   The war in Ukraine has caused so much damage to the region and its people. Many lives have been needlessly lost, and many cities have been turned into rubble. Yet our Orphan’s Promise staff, teams and volunteers have continued to bring the Light of the World into the darkest places…. Read more »

Hope in the Hopelessness

Update from Ukraine   The war in Ukraine continues to rage. Our eyes are often in disbelief and our hearts heavy with the atrocities we see reported on our newsfeeds. Heaven only knows the things that have not yet come into the light. As we see the flow of refugees crossing borders and seeking safety,… Read more »

The Power of One

The Power of One We have seen so many images and heard stories about the refugee crisis in Ukraine. Millions of people have fled the fighting and have headed to the borders. Often in times of adversity we see the beauty of community rise up. This Roma community in Ukraine display the light of Christ… Read more »

Yura’s Story of Overcoming Adversity

Yura Blog | Ukraine

Yura never knew the love of a family. He never felt like he belonged. The he found love and acceptance through an Orphan’s Promise outreach in Ukraine.

Vitaliy’s Education Unlocks Hope


Vitaliy is sixteen-years-old. He is from a Roma family in Ukraine, where he faces social stigma and widespread poverty. Unlike most of his community, Vitaliy’s parents knew the importance of their son getting an education. They just did not have the finances to make it possible. They struggled to make ends meet and keep food on the table. They knew their son’s potential was being stunted.

Kolya overcomes hunger in Ukraine

Kolya Blog Hero Image

After losing his father unexpectedly, Kolya and his mother struggled to make ends meet. Thanks to the Orphan’s Promise SEED program in his community, today this family is thriving and creating a brighter future!

Vulnerable families in Ukraine find hope through the SEED program.

Families in Ukraine are learning to work hard to raise livestock and grow crops which not only helps ensure that they have Something to Eat Every Day (SEED), but that they can also earn an income by selling the products they grow as well!

Stepan overcomes obstacles to find success

Stepan is a young man from Ukraine, who is a graduate of our Successful Youth Club in Ternopil. He has overcome difficult beginnings to find success!

from bullied to beauty queen

Kristina is a young girl whose life was on the rocks. She couldn’t get along with her mother, she’d lost her father and was being bullied at school. She entered our training center in Ternopil, Ukraine and soon her life began to turn around!

Warm A Child Today

Giving the gift of warmth to children desperately in need of warm clothing for the winter!

Giving Tuesday 2021

Giving the gift of warmth to children desperately in need of warm clothing for the winter!

Teen finds “success” in Ternopil

A young girl finds community and fellowship during a difficult time in her life thanks to attending our “Successful Youth” club in Ternopil, Ukraine.

warm a child, change a life

Warm A Child | Ukraine | Orphan's Promise

Imagine being a young Ukrainian or Moldovan parent with three young children, trying to make ends meet and feed your family, all the while knowing you can’t buy them the boots, coats, or hats they desperately need to stay warm as the temperatures drop. The feelings of desperation would be unbearable, and making matters worse,… Read more »