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If our goal truly is to see children from difficult backgrounds thrive, all the food and education in the world will still leave them wanting. The only way for these children to thrive is to introduce them to Jesus. He is the one who places dreams in their hearts. The One who holds their tomorrows in His hands. We love them because He first loved us.

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Every day around the world, children who attend Orphan’s Promise discipleship programs experience the love of Jesus. They see it in the actions of our staff members and program partners. They hear it through our Bible classes. They absorb it—and fall in love with it—through our Superbook Clubs. God is real to these children. He is the loving Father they may not have at home. He is the Comforter for their broken hearts and the Healer for their emotional wounds.

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  • Lebanon | Orphan's Promise

    Syrian refugee children find hope far from home

    For the last several years, Orphan’s Promise has been partnering with a local ministry, Heart for Lebanon, to reach and educate Syrian refugee children. Children who have lost one or both parents remain the focus for providing education and family assistance.

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