Every day, Orphan’s Promise work with children and families who are caught in the cycle of poverty. Lack and struggle is part of everyday life and there can seem like there is no way out. Our heart is to take the at-risk and bring them to a place of thriving, to give them hope and opportunity of walking in a future that felt impossible.

Although circumstances can thrust people suddenly into difficult times, through illness, loss of employment or war, we often find that many families have lived in lack for generations. By stepping in to disrupt the cycle, we pray that the future may be brighter for the next generation.

As part of our work in Kenya, we met an amazing mother, Damaris and one of her daughters, Esmily.

Damaris was one of 18 children and was born into difficult circumstances. Life was tough and her home was not a happy or safe place to be. When she was a teenager, Damaris became the victim of a terrible assault. What little childhood she had, was stolen. Unaware of the events that had unfolded, her father then sent her to live with the family of her assaulter.

This was too much for her to cope with and eventually the family sent her away.

With nowhere to go and no means of income, Damaris struggled to survive. Life just seemed to get harder and harder. By this time, she already had five small children and although she did her best to provide, the family lived in abject poverty; sleeping on hard concrete floors and wearing nothing more than tattered rags for clothes.

“It seemed like this was their lot in life, but God had a different plan! 

Damaris would work whatever jobs she could to help support her and the children. She would till fields and gardens, tend livestock and burn charcoal, but would only be able to earn around $50 a month. The children were left to walk barefoot and had no access to education. It seemed like this was their lot in life, but God had a different plan!

Our incredible project, Our Home Child Care Center, came alongside Damaris and the children and offered some support. Through Orphan’s Promise, the educational needs of four of Damaris’ children were completely covered. One of those children was Esmily.

Esmily is a smart and confident young lady. When she came to the center, her future was one of uncertainty, lack and little hope. Now, the opportunities before her are so much wider than she could have ever imagined.

The whole family have seen significant change in their lives and have encountered the love of God through the team, as they shared the Word of God.

“Education is the difference between failure and success. It is the difference between poverty and plenty. 

Thanks to Orphan’s Promise, the cycle of poverty which before seemed almost an inevitable outcome has been broken. The life that Damaris had known is behind her and the future for Esmily and her siblings now looks so much brighter.

We continue to build with families, just like Esmily’s, across the world. We truly believe that education is a key component in the breaking of cyclic poverty. For so many families, academic studies are often neglected, solely because of a lack of finances.

When we open the door to an education, we unlock the future for children. Education is the difference between failure and success. It is the difference between poverty and plenty.


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