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Emily’s New Beginning

“My grandmother treated me like a slave,” Emily says. “She drank a lot and screamed at me. I couldn’t work on my studies at all. She said my parents never sent her any money, so I had to pay her back for feeding me. She said I couldn’t go to school anymore, and that made me sad.” Emily uses her purple t-shirt to rub the tears out of her eyes.

Samson and his family succeed in the slums

Samson | Kenya | Orphan's Promise

Samson is a young boy living in an at-risk situation in Nairobi, due to his family’s poverty. Thanks to Orphan’s Promise and Missions of Hope, he and his family are finding success despite their difficult surroundings

Taking hope to the streets of Nairobi

Nairobi | Orphan's Promise | Kenya

Orphan’s Promise recently linked arms with a local ministry in Nairobi, Kenya to offer hope and love to homeless children living on the streets of the city.

Jamal’s joy returns in Kenya

against stacked odds Jamal is a 2nd grade student at a Missions of Hope International (MOHI) Center, an incredible outreach supported by Orphan’s Promise in Korogocho, Kenya. He joined the center in 2014 at the Nursery level and has been consistent in school attendance despite some difficult family challenges that caused him to repeat a… Read more »

Feza Finds New Hope in Goma

Feza | Uganda | Orphan's Promise

Feza is a young girl whose family was devastated by the war, when her father was killed. Her mother became ill and Feza and her five siblings were left without hope. When she entered an Orphan’s Promise project, she found a new chance at life, and dreams of becoming a nurse some day.

Students in S. Sudan find hope through education

Orphan’s Promise provides scholarships to students from difficult backgrounds in the Terekekka village of South Sudan. Children receive Christian education and nutritious meals, which help them begin to pursue their dreams!

Luyando Learns To Love Life

Luyando | Orphan's Promise | Zambia

Luyando is a young girl whose life was aimless. She wasn’t able to consistently attend school, she was helping care for her younger siblings and her aging grandmother and she had no hope, until she entered an Orphan’s Promise-sponsored boarding school!

Four lives transformed by love

Chadwick | Uganda | Orphan's Promise

Four young people from difficult backgrounds have been rescued and are on the road to restoration thanks to a partnership between Orphan’s Promise and Exile International.

Mary finds a new life

Mary | OK Africa | Orphan's Promise

Mary was a young girl who’d been neglected and malnourished for many years. When she arrived at our Orphan’s Promise project in Kenya, she was unable to connection intellectually, emotionally or socially with her teachers and classmates. Three years later, she is thriving and overcoming her past!

Lelomso’s family learns to trust God

Lelomso | Orphan's Promise | S. Africa

Lelomso is a young girl who was scared and emotionally unstable when she first entered an Orphan’s Promise supported preschool. By God’s grace and through the love of our amazing staff, she has found joy and comfort and is thriving with all of her new classmates.

Musa gains new perspectives in Nigeria

Musa is from a village near Shaffa, Borno State Nigeria, an area that suffered repeated attacks from BokoHaram. One of 8 children, Musa’s father died of a brief illness before the violence began, leaving the family struggling to survive and make ends meet.

reaching the nations with hope

South Sudan | Education | Orphan's Promise

Conflict has ravaged South Sudan for the better part of five years, and the nation’s children suffer. Orphan’s Promise is offering South Sudanese children a chance to rediscover their futures through a Christian school.

giving young Maasai girls their futures back

For several years, Orphan’s Promise has been partnering with Loom International, whose gifted staff of professionals provides intensive workshops for those who are on the front lines working with at risk youth.