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The Power of One

The Power of One We have seen so many images and heard stories about the refugee crisis in Ukraine. Millions of people have fled the fighting and have headed to the borders. Often in times of adversity we see the beauty of community rise up. This Roma community in Ukraine display the light of Christ… Read more »

Vulnerable families in Ukraine find hope through the SEED program.

Families in Ukraine are learning to work hard to raise livestock and grow crops which not only helps ensure that they have Something to Eat Every Day (SEED), but that they can also earn an income by selling the products they grow as well!

Taking hope to the streets of Nairobi

Nairobi | Orphan's Promise | Kenya

Orphan’s Promise recently linked arms with a local ministry in Nairobi, Kenya to offer hope and love to homeless children living on the streets of the city.

celebrating the greatest Gift of all

Orphan's Promise | Christmas | 2018

delivering the gift of love around the world All around the world, from the Middle East and countries like Jordan and Lebanon, throughout Europe in countries like Armenia and Georgia, in Latin America in places like Mexico and Peru, to right here at home, in communities like The Bronx, NY; Virginia Beach, VA; and Los… Read more »

Warm A Child Today

Giving the gift of warmth to children desperately in need of warm clothing for the winter!

Giving Tuesday 2021

Giving the gift of warmth to children desperately in need of warm clothing for the winter!

warm a child, change a life

Warm A Child | Ukraine | Orphan's Promise

Imagine being a young Ukrainian or Moldovan parent with three young children, trying to make ends meet and feed your family, all the while knowing you can’t buy them the boots, coats, or hats they desperately need to stay warm as the temperatures drop. The feelings of desperation would be unbearable, and making matters worse,… Read more »

something to eat every day in Ukraine

SEED | Orphan's Promise

interview with Mark Dijkens, regional director – UK CBN/OP Regional Director, Mark Dijkens, recently traveled to Ukraine to visit our SEED projects. He sat down and shared some incredible reports of what God is doing through the work of Orphan’s Promise in the poorest areas of Ukraine. for people who don’t know the SEED project,… Read more »

mission:Puerto Rico helps communities rebuild

mission:Puerto Rico | Orphan's Promise

Coming on the heels of huge storms and flooding in Texas and Florida, Category 5 Hurricane Maria hit and devastated the island of Puerto Rico. Most of America already felt a storm fatigue when they heard about it in the news. It left most of us saying, “that’s horrible!” or “How sad for them,” and then we went on with our lives.

Vrezh goes to camp

Vrezh doing school work

Vrezh is just 8 years old. He lives in very difficult conditions with his family in northern Armenia. Due to the difficult economic situation in Armenia, his parents have struggled to find work and his mother struggles with health issues. Vrezh is one of 5 kids, so the idea of having anything ‘extra’ in life, has… Read more »

bringing light to Mongolia