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We are currently operating more than 500 projects in 70+ countries in 7 geographical regions of the world. There are 143 Million orphaned and at-risk children in the world today, and there are needs everywhere. We receive hundreds of applications for new projects every year and a board reviews each application and determines whether or not the program is in alignment with our mission and our values. We also take budget and fundraising into account when considering new projects. We want the work of Orphan’s Promise to be deep and impactful, rather than wide and superficial.


education is the key to ending the world's orphan crisis

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if you can't feed a hundred people feed just one

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raise them up in the way they should go...

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where you live should not determine whether you succeed or fail.

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strong families

the love of a family is life's greatest blessing

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people are not possessions. children are not commodities.

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over 143,000 beneficiaries

working in over
70 countries

serving in over
500+ projects

serving over 986,000
nutritious meals & snacks through our programs

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