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Elen’s joy is restored in Armenia

Elen | Featured | Armenia

Elen was five-years-old when she hugged her dad, kissed him on the cheek, and watched him walk out the door. She didn’t realize it was for the very last time. He was not coming back. She felt lost until finding hope at an Orphan’s Promise training center.

Samson and his family succeed in the slums

Samson | Kenya | Orphan's Promise

Samson is a young boy living in an at-risk situation in Nairobi, due to his family’s poverty. Thanks to Orphan’s Promise and Missions of Hope, he and his family are finding success despite their difficult surroundings

Stepan overcomes obstacles to find success

Stepan is a young man from Ukraine, who is a graduate of our Successful Youth Club in Ternopil. He has overcome difficult beginnings to find success!

Jamal’s joy returns in Kenya

against stacked odds Jamal is a 2nd grade student at a Missions of Hope International (MOHI) Center, an incredible outreach supported by Orphan’s Promise in Korogocho, Kenya. He joined the center in 2014 at the Nursery level and has been consistent in school attendance despite some difficult family challenges that caused him to repeat a… Read more »

Ahmad starts a new life in Jordan

Ahmad is a young Syrian boy whose family was forced to flee home due to violence in their country. They settled in Jordan, but are very poor and struggle to survive. Ahmad began attending a local OP education project and his life began to change.

delivering Christmas hope in the Bronx

Isaiah | USA | Orphan's Promise

A woman from the Bronx, NY who is raising her young son and her grandson, but struggled to provide for them. A local outreach supported by Orphan’s Promise has provided the boys, and their Grandmother with hope and a special Christmas.

Luis finds his hidden talent in Brazil

Young children from disadvantaged backgrounds are finding hope and healing through an after school music program in Fortaleza Brazil.

Feza Finds New Hope in Goma

Feza | Uganda | Orphan's Promise

Feza is a young girl whose family was devastated by the war, when her father was killed. Her mother became ill and Feza and her five siblings were left without hope. When she entered an Orphan’s Promise project, she found a new chance at life, and dreams of becoming a nurse some day.

sisters find joy through outreach in Georgia

Two young sisters in Georgia began attending weekly Orphan’s Promise outreaches in their community, and their lives began to change. They received love and care and help preparing for school. They are full of joy now!

sisters find freedom in Lebanon

We’re transforming the lives of young refugee children in Lebanon by offering them opportunities for education which are opening their hearts to dream about the future.

Huyen finds success at Promise House

Huyen | Vietnam | Orphan's Promise

Huyen was a bright young girl with aspirations for her future, but at a young age she thought she’d have to give up on her dreams because her family was so poor. She entered an Orphan’s Promise project, and soon her dreams became realities!

reading camps bring hope to The Bronx

Joy Ministries | Orphan's Promise | USA

Orphan’s Promise and Joy Ministries are providing children from difficult backgrounds living in The Bronx, NY, the opportunity to succeed through reading camps, which also open the door to spiritual investment in their lives.

Students in S. Sudan find hope through education

Orphan’s Promise provides scholarships to students from difficult backgrounds in the Terekekka village of South Sudan. Children receive Christian education and nutritious meals, which help them begin to pursue their dreams!