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Vitaly’s Story

Dreaming of a Future of Promise   The war in Ukraine has caused so much damage to the region and its people. Many lives have been needlessly lost, and many cities have been turned into rubble. Yet our Orphan’s Promise staff, teams and volunteers have continued to bring the Light of the World into the darkest places…. Read more »

A Chance for Change

Tel was just 8 months old when his father departed the home. His mother, Dao, was left to raise Tel and his elder sibling. With little support, her mental health was severely affected. There were many times when Dao felt as though she’d reached the end of herself—and at her lowest point, she even considered… Read more »

Overcoming the Dark

Finding Hope in Education   Hibah is a twenty-nine-year-old Syrian refugee and a mother of two girls, Sabi and Rukan. She escaped the scenes of bombing, war and violence and came to settle in South of Lebanon seeking refuge and safety.   “When we reached South Lebanon, we lived in primitive conditions in informal tented… Read more »

Fariah Finds a New Beginning

Serving the Refugee Community in Lebanon   For so many people fleeing the war in Syria, Lebanon became a place of refuge. Tens of thousands of refugees crossed the borders, including the parents of 7-year-old Fariha. Although safety from war was found, life was far from easy. One of 7 siblings, Fariha and her family… Read more »

Packing For Success

School Backpacks Distribution   Our team in East Africa, spearheaded by OP Regional Manager Esther Kariuki, were recently able to visit a small town in Kenya with some wonderful gifts. Just over 200 miles from Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, lies the small town of Taveta. Orphan’s Promise partner project Taveta Children’s Assistance (TCA) has been working… Read more »

Josphat’s Story of Success

Education Makes a Way for New Opportunity in Kenya   As an organization, Orphan’s Promise wholeheartedly believes in education. In fact, we think that it is a key element in breaking the poverty cycle. For so many children across the world, access to education can be difficult. Through partnerships with local projects, we want to… Read more »

Yura’s Story of Overcoming Adversity

Yura Blog | Ukraine

Yura never knew the love of a family. He never felt like he belonged. The he found love and acceptance through an Orphan’s Promise outreach in Ukraine.

A COVID Journey Through Latin America

OP Latin America

Come, see how Orphan’s Promise partners are continuing to serve as the hands and feet of the Father’s love. Come, listen to their words and be encouraged.

Hear their stories and praise God for His goodness, even in these dark days. It is thanks to partners like YOU that we’re able to keep showing up and sharing tangible expressions of love during these difficult times. Love that looks like food, care packages, and basic necessities. Love that looks like giving to help someone in need, even when your own future feels uncertain.
Love that says, “I care, and I’m here. We’re doing this together.”⠀

Hope in the midst of uncertainty

Why Now? Because it’s time to show the world where we stand It’s been nearly 2 months since the world began to feel the large-scale impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our work has not stopped during this season, however, we have had to pivot in significant ways to continue providing hope to the children and… Read more »

Emily’s New Beginning

“My grandmother treated me like a slave,” Emily says. “She drank a lot and screamed at me. I couldn’t work on my studies at all. She said my parents never sent her any money, so I had to pay her back for feeding me. She said I couldn’t go to school anymore, and that made me sad.” Emily uses her purple t-shirt to rub the tears out of her eyes.

Vitaliy’s Education Unlocks Hope


Vitaliy is sixteen-years-old. He is from a Roma family in Ukraine, where he faces social stigma and widespread poverty. Unlike most of his community, Vitaliy’s parents knew the importance of their son getting an education. They just did not have the finances to make it possible. They struggled to make ends meet and keep food on the table. They knew their son’s potential was being stunted.

Elen’s joy is restored in Armenia

Elen | Featured | Armenia

Elen was five-years-old when she hugged her dad, kissed him on the cheek, and watched him walk out the door. She didn’t realize it was for the very last time. He was not coming back. She felt lost until finding hope at an Orphan’s Promise training center.