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A Safe Place to Grow

Twelve-year-old Daniil grew up in a broken home where it was difficult to make ends meet. His father left before he was born, and although his mom worked whatever jobs she could find to provide for Daniil and his sister, there were many days when they went without. Their home was in terrible disrepair, lacking water… Read more »

Surrounded By Love

Denis was born into an ordinary family. He has a father and a younger sister. Unfortunately, two years ago, his mother died of cancer. After her death, his father began to drink heavily. The drunken nights would often end in violence. Denis would run away from the attacks and sleep wherever he could find a… Read more »

From Lack to Living

Every day, Orphan’s Promise work with children and families who are caught in the cycle of poverty. Lack and struggle is part of everyday life and there can seem like there is no way out. Our heart is to take the at-risk and bring them to a place of thriving, to give them hope and… Read more »

Vitaly’s Story

Dreaming of a Future of Promise   The war in Ukraine has caused so much damage to the region and its people. Many lives have been needlessly lost, and many cities have been turned into rubble. Yet our Orphan’s Promise staff, teams and volunteers have continued to bring the Light of the World into the darkest places…. Read more »

Amada Mia: My Beloved

Young mothers find hope in the midst of fear and uncertainty in Costa Rica!

Creating New Opportunities in Myanmar

The Cuz-Valenzuela family was struggling after COVID lockdown impacted their finances, but we were able to jump in and provide assistance!

when hope looks like a watermelon

Cintia - Blog Feature

When Cintia’s husband left her at home in rural Peru with their five children to go find work one day, she had no idea that she would never see him again.

Oh Overcomes Adversity & Finds Happiness

Oh - Thailand

Life was difficult for Oh who was working really hard to care for her son and mother after her husband left them. To make matters worse, her mother suffered an aneurysm and the hospital bills increased Oh’s burden. See how Orphan’s Promise helped bring happiness to this family again.

restoring hope to Armenui’s family

Armenui is a young mother of 3 who was widowed unexpectedly. All hope seemed lost until a local Orphan’s Promise outreach provided her family with a chance to begin to heal. Armenui found a natural talent for hairdressing and cosmetics, and Orphan’s Promise helped her launch a new career, allowing her to create a stable, happy life for her family.

from hopeless and abandoned to thriving in Armenia

Narik | Armenia | Orphan's Promise

a young mom abandoned and hopeless Abandoned by her husband right before her son’s birth and having lost her own mother in recent years, Kristina felt alone and hopeless. She had no idea how she would provide for her baby son Narek, and didn’t know where she could turn. In a moment of desperation, she put… Read more »

serving children, healing families in Ukraine

Lena | Ukraine | Orphan's Promise

Lena comes from a difficult home, where her father is an alcoholic, and her mother is forced to work overtime to try and provide for the family on one income. Her parents hadn’t spoken to each other in months, when a homework assignment from the OP center began to change everything.

Trinh learns to walk again in Vietnam

Trinh was born with cerebral palsy. When she came to an Orphanâ’s Promise supported therapy center in 2010, she was very small. The muscles in her mouth were so rigid, she could barely eat.

hope in the form of piglets in Cambodia

While in Cambodia on a recent trip visiting our projects, Orphan’s Promise Regional Manager, Tim Daniell, had the privilege of meeting with a precious family from the Bless a Child Project that OP supports. This is their story… Aunty Nim is a poor widow living in rural Cambodia who used to struggle to even meet… Read more »