“if you can’t feed a hundred people feed just one.”
Mother Theresa

starving for a chance...

As we opened the doors to our education and training centers, we realized that although a lot of children were coming to learn, far too many sat at their desks unable to focus because of the tremendous hunger pangs in their empty bellies. We knew we needed to feed them, and as we did so, they began to come alive. In fact, a number of children who had been previously diagnosed as “special needs” or “developmentally delayed” were completely transformed into some of our brightest students once they began receiving proper nutrition at one of our projects.

feeding body & soul

What we’ve found is that, when coupled with quality educational opportunities, proper nutrition is one of the most reliable factors which determine a child’s ability to succeed. More often than not, children receive their best meal of the day while attending an Orphan’s Promise educational center. They look forward to coming to school not only to learn, meet new friends, and be cared for but also to eat!

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