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education unlocks the future for children in India

Orphan's Promise India Education Center

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and never has that been more true than in the slums of India where millions of men, women and children survive by rummaging through piles of trash every day. This is a foreign concept for those of us in the West. We throw hundreds and thousands… Read more »

a promise to change Hai’s life


Hai knows hunger. He grew up without a father, and his mother struggled to support her four children. Hai remembers the family being evicted from their single room apartment for failure to pay rent. For a time, the children slept in the stairwell of a bank because they had nowhere else to go. The children… Read more »

Vi’s life changed


Fifteen-year-old, Vi, was born deaf although it was a couple of years before her family knew it.  She was later abandoned by her parents. She hasn’t seen her mother for years. Her father visits once a year at Tet Holiday. Vi grew up unable to communicate with others – living not only in a lonely… Read more »

stitching together a new life for Mounika

India | Orphan's Promise

Mounika and her family live in Mothinagar area in India, near the Orphan’s Promise Prabath Nagar Community Development Project center (CDP). She is a bright, beautiful girl, but only studied through 7th grade due to family problems. She dropped out of school and later married when she was just twenty years old. Mounika is a home maker, cleaning the home and… Read more »