experiencing loss at an early age

Feza lives in Uganda. She is twelve years old and has five brothers and sisters. Sadly, she lost her father in the war when she was only five years old. Despite her young age and not understanding what was happening, she could see the uncertainty and despair on her mother’s face. The rest of the family had to relocate to a nearby country, Goma, for safety. Moving to a new city and adjusting to a new life was not easy for the whole family. Feza’s mother had to leave her in the care of her older siblings, who were young themselves and needed someone to take care of them.

As time went by, Feza’s mother got sick and couldn’t care for her children at all. Feza was old enough to go to school at this time, so out of her despair, Feza’s mother approached the Peace Lives Center (PLC), an outreach supported by Orphan’s Promise. She knew she couldn’t provide for Feza and she had no one else to turn to. When Feza arrived, she showed signs of malnutrition and several signs of trauma. She joined the project in 2012 and began school in grade one as a six-year-old.

hope for the future

Today, Feza is in “senior six,” and hopes to go to high school next year. She has participated in a variety of different programs, including trauma healing, counseling, and art therapy – which is her favorite because she loves to paint and color. She also enjoys singing and reading the Bible. Feza is happy to be able to make friends with other children and to have the chance to run and play different games. She dreams of being a nurse one day, and now she has the opportunity to achieve that dream.

When you choose to support Orphan’s Promise, you’re linking arms with our staff, and the hundreds of local outreach partners we support and partner with around the world. When you say YES to helping, you give hope to children in need. These children are looking for someone to show up and tell them that they matter…that they are worth it….that they deserve a chance……they’re looking for a hero…

you can be the hero
these children are
looking for!

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