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Mary finds a new life

Mary | OK Africa | Orphan's Promise

Mary was a young girl who’d been neglected and malnourished for many years. When she arrived at our Orphan’s Promise project in Kenya, she was unable to connection intellectually, emotionally or socially with her teachers and classmates. Three years later, she is thriving and overcoming her past!

Lelomso’s family learns to trust God

Lelomso | Orphan's Promise | S. Africa

Lelomso is a young girl who was scared and emotionally unstable when she first entered an Orphan’s Promise supported preschool. By God’s grace and through the love of our amazing staff, she has found joy and comfort and is thriving with all of her new classmates.

Musa gains new perspectives in Nigeria

Musa is from a village near Shaffa, Borno State Nigeria, an area that suffered repeated attacks from BokoHaram. One of 8 children, Musa’s father died of a brief illness before the violence began, leaving the family struggling to survive and make ends meet.

Mai dreams of becoming a doctor

Hai | Vietnam | Orphan's Promise

Mai is a smart 11th grade girl who is enrolled in Orphan’s Promise-supported Victory House program in Danang, Vietnam. She has had a difficult life, but Mai dreams of one day becoming a doctor.

Hien finds Victory in Vietnam

Hien is a true orphan. Her mother died when she was only two years old. Her father, who was mentally challenged, was left to raise 4 daughters on his own and he wasn’t up to the task.

reaching the nations with hope

South Sudan | Education | Orphan's Promise

Conflict has ravaged South Sudan for the better part of five years, and the nation’s children suffer. Orphan’s Promise is offering South Sudanese children a chance to rediscover their futures through a Christian school.

Jeremiah overcomes obstacles to find success

Joy Ministries | USA | Orphan's Promise

“What’s your name,?” the teacher asked. The young boy wouldn’t speak a word, he could only look at his brother in embarrassment. “His name is Jeremiah,” his brother spoke up.

love and hope for at-risk children

Our training centers provide courses in English, computer skills, music and theater, baking, knitting, and other vocational skills, as well as Bible lessons. We believe that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and the goal of our centers is to help these children realize that their dreams for a brighter future are possible!

backpacks full of hope

BACKPACKS FULL OF HOPE The fall is an exciting time as the seasons change and young children prepare for a new school year full of hope and promise. Unfortunately, for children living in poverty, excitement is often replaced by shame and embarrassment. These are the kids who don’t have new school shoes or a handsome… Read more »

Khushi develops her dreams in India

10-year-old Khushi Kumari lives in a slum called Kathbangla in Dehradun, India, which is predominantly occupied by laborers, migrated from different parts of the country. Kathbangla is a slum, which lacks every basic amenity needed for better life. Also, the people here are unaware of the importance of education. Khushi’s parents are uneducated and like… Read more »

restoring Sarojini’s hope for the future

Sarojini lives with her parents, Annadura and Kidha, in Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, India. Her father, Annadura, worked as a construction laborer for many years, providing the family’s only livelihood. Her mother, Kidha, is a homemaker. The family lives in desperate poverty. A few years ago, Annadura left for work one day, just as he had many… Read more »

giving young Maasai girls their futures back

For several years, Orphan’s Promise has been partnering with Loom International, whose gifted staff of professionals provides intensive workshops for those who are on the front lines working with at risk youth.

hope in the slums of Nairobi

Orphan's Promise Kenya

missions of hope international Driving through the Muthare slums in Nairobi, Kenya, I’m reminded of the streets of Cap Haitien, Haiti. Dust, dirt, shanties, street-side pop-up markets and young children playing mere feet from the speeding traffic, most of them shoeless. This is my first time in Africa, and it’s far different than I imagined… Read more »