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Lelomso is 4 years old and lives with her mother in Cape Town, South Africa. When she first joined the Orphan’s Promise sponsored preschool in her village, she would isolate herself from other children in the class and would go around the classroom doing nothing until she was noticed by the teachers. When introduced to an activity she would even start crying. She was emotionally unstable. However now, after spending time with our loving staff, and making new friends, she has gained confidence, is able to speak out and enjoys working and playing with other children. She is such a delightful child in the classroom and enjoys learning and playing with her friends. Her favorite activity in class is using beads and counting rods to learn how to. She takes pride in this activity and when she sees other children doing this activity she will join in. She also loves learning new words by using flashcards in class. Learning the names of the animals is her favorite!

Lelomso | Orphan's Promise | South Africa

Lelomso’s mother, Nonzaliseka, also gave a testimony of the power of trusting in the Lord. She had been so encouraged by the love of God that Lelomso experienced through the preschool, and when her family experienced financial hardships, she knew she could trust in God. Through prayer and faith, she overcame a difficult situation, and today the family is thriving.

So not only is Lelomso learning and growing to trust God day by day, her entire family is also having the opportunity to witness the power of God. When we educate, love and serve these precious children, it opens the doors for us to make an even greater impact on their families. Praise God!

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