life in Georgia

Telmnaz and Aisha are Azerbaijani sisters living in the country of Georgia.

The girls’ father left the family several years ago, and their mother works hard in local fields, trying to make enough money to provide for her little family. Her work, however, is seasonal and with the winter months now upon them, making ends meet has become more challenging.

Six months ago, Telmnaz and Aisha learned that the local church was hosting an event and a dinner for kids in the community. Their hunger and curiosity drew them in the door, and it was there that they first heard the message of salvation. The girls were from a Muslim background but were very interested in learning more about Jesus. The girls discovered that Orphan’s Promise offered weekly lessons and meals each Saturday for children in the community. They were quick to register to attend! Our local team shared that when Telmnaz and Aisha first started attending the weekly meetings they were shy and didn’t interact much with the other children, but it was evident that the meal was a necessity for them. The OP team wanted to learn more about the girls’ home life, and as their mother’s challenges with income came to light, they looked for a way to provide assistance that would ease the mother’s burden and help the girls stay healthy.

“The girls always smile and are always full of joy and love to hug our teachers, as well as their friends.”

making a big difference with a little help

At the beginning of the school year, our team was able to get the girls outfitted with the school supplies and clothing they needed, and they’ve also been able to help with extra groceries. Through this process of meeting with the girls each week, our team has seen a real transformation start to take place in their personalities and in their lives.

Recently Pastor Selvio, the director of the center shared, “The girls always smile, and are always full of joy and love to hug our teachers, as well as their friends. The inner world of girls and even their appearance over these 6 months has been radically changed for the better! We see joy and happiness overwhelming Telmnaz and Aisha whenever they visit our Training Center. We are immensely grateful to Lord Jesus Christ for the opportunity to partner with Orphan’s Promise and to bring these children happiness and joy. This is a great joy – to see how God gives happiness and joy to the children of our city! And the story of Telmnaz and Aisha is a clear confirmation of this!”