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Elen’s joy is restored in Armenia

Elen | Featured | Armenia

Elen was five-years-old when she hugged her dad, kissed him on the cheek, and watched him walk out the door. She didn’t realize it was for the very last time. He was not coming back. She felt lost until finding hope at an Orphan’s Promise training center.

restoring hope to Armenui’s family

Armenui is a young mother of 3 who was widowed unexpectedly. All hope seemed lost until a local Orphan’s Promise outreach provided her family with a chance to begin to heal. Armenui found a natural talent for hairdressing and cosmetics, and Orphan’s Promise helped her launch a new career, allowing her to create a stable, happy life for her family.

sisters find joy through outreach in Georgia

Two young sisters in Georgia began attending weekly Orphan’s Promise outreaches in their community, and their lives began to change. They received love and care and help preparing for school. They are full of joy now!

Salcho Is Free From Shame

A young boy with a physical malformity lives in shame before finding freedom through an Orphan’s Promise project in Bulgaria.

from hopeless and abandoned to thriving in Armenia

Narik | Armenia | Orphan's Promise

a young mom abandoned and hopeless Abandoned by her husband right before her son’s birth and having lost her own mother in recent years, Kristina felt alone and hopeless. She had no idea how she would provide for her baby son Narek, and didn’t know where she could turn. In a moment of desperation, she put… Read more »

Summer Camp Changes Lives

Summer Camp | Orphan's Promise

Summer can be a difficult time for orphaned children, or kids whose families are struggling with poverty, because the support they receive from Orphan’s Promise education programs are suddenly no longer available. The mentorship, discipleship and nutrition they received every day at school are gone.

serving children, healing families in Ukraine

Lena | Ukraine | Orphan's Promise

Lena comes from a difficult home, where her father is an alcoholic, and her mother is forced to work overtime to try and provide for the family on one income. Her parents hadn’t spoken to each other in months, when a homework assignment from the OP center began to change everything.

mentoring teens to change lives in Kyrgyzstan

17-year-old Vladimir lives in Kyrgyzstan and knows the reality of what it is like to grow up in an orphanage. Dima, who also lives in Kyrgyzstan, works as a cobbler and though his life is far from easy, he never lived in an orphanage.

a sweet reunion in Romania

Alex and Alexandra are two Romanian siblings who are rejoicing today, not only because they have a mom and dad, but because they also have each other.

love and hope for at-risk children

Our training centers provide courses in English, computer skills, music and theater, baking, knitting, and other vocational skills, as well as Bible lessons. We believe that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and the goal of our centers is to help these children realize that their dreams for a brighter future are possible!

a new family for Yoyo and Bob

A new family for YoYo and Bob | Romania

In the early 1990’s the west was horrifically made aware of the dire conditions Romanian orphans faced in orphanages throughout the country. The term, ‘the dying rooms’ was coined, as it reflected the desperate state of the orphanages, and all too often the fate of the children living inside of them. It’s been nearly 30… Read more »

Vrezh goes to camp

Vrezh doing school work

Vrezh is just 8 years old. He lives in very difficult conditions with his family in northern Armenia. Due to the difficult economic situation in Armenia, his parents have struggled to find work and his mother struggles with health issues. Vrezh is one of 5 kids, so the idea of having anything ‘extra’ in life, has… Read more »

an apartment for Adimir

Karen Springs, Regional Project Manager for Eastern Europe, CIS Countries and Middle East Projects reflects on a special young boy whose life was changed through our Keeping Families Together program.