against stacked odds

Jamal is a 2nd grade student at a Missions of Hope International (MOHI) Center, an incredible outreach supported by Orphan’s Promise in Korogocho, Kenya. He joined the center in 2014 at the Nursery level and has been consistent in school attendance despite some difficult family challenges that caused him to repeat a pre-school grade.

Jamal comes from a very humble background and poverty has been the hallmark of his childhood. He lives with his elderly grandmother in the Korogocho slums along with his five siblings. His father passed away in 2012, and unfortunately his mother suffered a head injury which left her incapacitated in 2014. She is always in and out of the hospital and tragically this has completely decimated the family’s emotional and financial reserves.

meeting a need, filling a gap

Because of the difficult conditions at home, Jamal’s basic needs were not being met. Despite all these challenges, the school has been very helpful in supporting Jamal and his family. In partnership with MOHI, Orphan’s Promise has been able to support Jamal through free quality education, medical services at our Pangani clinic, ensuring proper nutrition through our feeding program at school and emotional support through counseling and spiritual discipleship.

Social workers and support staff from the center have gone the extra mile to connect the family with other agencies in the community that work to help support struggling families living in the Korogocho slums. They offer other forms of help, including supplemental food and clothing for the family. All these efforts have enabled Jamal to continue pursuing his education despite obstacles that could have derailed his future. Thanks to Biblical Christian foundation that has been established in his heart, Jamal has remained strong, hopeful and joyful at school and at home. He continues to pray and truly believes that his mother will be completely healed one day. When we

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