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Creating New Opportunities in Myanmar

The Cuz-Valenzuela family was struggling after COVID lockdown impacted their finances, but we were able to jump in and provide assistance!

Oh Overcomes Adversity & Finds Happiness

Oh - Thailand

Life was difficult for Oh who was working really hard to care for her son and mother after her husband left them. To make matters worse, her mother suffered an aneurysm and the hospital bills increased Oh’s burden. See how Orphan’s Promise helped bring happiness to this family again.

Huyen finds success at Promise House

Huyen | Vietnam | Orphan's Promise

Huyen was a bright young girl with aspirations for her future, but at a young age she thought she’d have to give up on her dreams because her family was so poor. She entered an Orphan’s Promise project, and soon her dreams became realities!

Mai dreams of becoming a doctor

Hai | Vietnam | Orphan's Promise

Mai is a smart 11th grade girl who is enrolled in Orphan’s Promise-supported Victory House program in Danang, Vietnam. She has had a difficult life, but Mai dreams of one day becoming a doctor.

Hien finds Victory in Vietnam

Hien is a true orphan. Her mother died when she was only two years old. Her father, who was mentally challenged, was left to raise 4 daughters on his own and he wasn’t up to the task.

Trinh learns to walk again in Vietnam

Trinh was born with cerebral palsy. When she came to an Orphanâ’s Promise supported therapy center in 2010, she was very small. The muscles in her mouth were so rigid, she could barely eat.

hope in the form of piglets in Cambodia

While in Cambodia on a recent trip visiting our projects, Orphan’s Promise Regional Manager, Tim Daniell, had the privilege of meeting with a precious family from the Bless a Child Project that OP supports. This is their story… Aunty Nim is a poor widow living in rural Cambodia who used to struggle to even meet… Read more »

saved from trafficking in order to save lives

Jenny is one young girl in Laos who was not able to study until Fifth Grade. Because she is a recipient of an Orphan’s Promise scholarship, she now has the opportunity to study for free, and follow her dreams to one day become a doctor.

keeping Saw and his son together

KFT Thailand | Orphan's Promise

“I am so amazed by God and I am amazed with Orphan’s Promise that they come to visit me all the time and that I am able to study the Bible and improve my Thai. I feel so blessed to have a family to take care of me.” 

Khushi develops her dreams in India

10-year-old Khushi Kumari lives in a slum called Kathbangla in Dehradun, India, which is predominantly occupied by laborers, migrated from different parts of the country. Kathbangla is a slum, which lacks every basic amenity needed for better life. Also, the people here are unaware of the importance of education. Khushi’s parents are uneducated and like… Read more »

keeping Mai’s family together

keeping families together Before Mai’s family joined an Orphan’s Promise Keeping Families Together program (KFT) in Vietnam, she and Duc, her husband, often fought. The fights were usually over money and often became violent. Life was hard. The children knew the stab of hunger pains. Mai’s sons couldn’t attend school because they couldn’t afford the… Read more »

serving hope in the slums of Yangon

Tim Daniell serves as the Project Manager for all Orphan’s Promise projects in Asia and the Pacific region. He is also heavily involved in directing our Keeping Families Together (KFT) initiative, which aims to equip families with the necessary tools and support to stay together, eliminating the orphan crisis in the process. Through our KFT and… Read more »

restoring Sarojini’s hope for the future

Sarojini lives with her parents, Annadura and Kidha, in Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, India. Her father, Annadura, worked as a construction laborer for many years, providing the family’s only livelihood. Her mother, Kidha, is a homemaker. The family lives in desperate poverty. A few years ago, Annadura left for work one day, just as he had many… Read more »