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Sohani gets a fresh start in Honduras

Sohani | Orphan's Promise | Community Transformation

Sohani was a young girl in trouble with the law. She had ties to a gang, a poor attendance record, and her future look ed bleak until she was helped by an Orphan’s Promise project near her home in Honduras.

serving hope to children in Haiti

Orphan’s Promise is providing more than 1,200 meals five days a week to children attending school in Cap Haitien, Haiti.

open borders lead to open hearts in Cuba

Whenever the children meet for the Superbook Club, they receive a warm greeting, a hug, a smile, and nutritious meal. Then the children gather and watch Superbook, learning stories from the Bible and principles to help them live better lives.

nothing to satisfy Arely’s hunger

For Arelys, there was no way to make her dreams a reality. Her father had been unemployed for months, and her mother was up before dawn every day to make bread. She would then sell the bread to make just enough money to buy food for one simple meal.

backpacks full of hope

BACKPACKS FULL OF HOPE The fall is an exciting time as the seasons change and young children prepare for a new school year full of hope and promise. Unfortunately, for children living in poverty, excitement is often replaced by shame and embarrassment. These are the kids who don’t have new school shoes or a handsome… Read more »

food for the children of Cabagra

Cabagra is an indigenous region in the south of Costa Rica. The natural beauty of the land is surpassed only by the Costa Rican people. The people of Cabagra are farmers, raising crops of corn, coffee and sugar cane, but the nation lacks the infrastructure to export these goods, resulting in wasted crops and wide-spread… Read more »

tricked into a life of slavery

Spain | Orphan's Promise

Amy is a young women from Africa. She had always wanted to study and do something meaningful with her life but she came from a very por family and was the oldest of several younger sisters and brothers.