For decades, the island of Cuba has been a mystery to the majority of Americans because of trade embargos and political tensions which kept the border unequivocally closed to both countries.

As political climates have shifted in recent years, the curtains have been pulled back and Americans have gotten a glimpse into a nation seemingly frozen in time, with antique cars and architecture from another era. The people of Cuba have also been held back, oppressed by a government wholly uninterested in progress.

For the first time in decades, we have an opportunity to love and minister to the people – the children – of Cuba. With little access to Christian media, the children in Cuba are hungry to learn more about the God who loves them with an everlasting love. Our Superbook clubs have provided the perfect venue for us to share the Gospel message of hope with the Cuban children.

Whenever the children meet for the Superbook Club, they receive a warm greeting, a hug, a smile, and nutritious meal. Then the children gather and watch Superbook, learning stories from the Bible and principles to help them live better lives.

Before they leave, each child receives a copy of the Superbook episode they watched, so that they can teach their friends and families at home about the love of God.

Hundreds of churches are involved in these thriving clubs, and many children – and their families – are becoming followers of Jesus. Cuba has been a dark place for many many year, but the light of love and hope is breaking through and the future of the nation is now much brighter!

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