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Four lives transformed by love

Chadwick | Uganda | Orphan's Promise

Four young people from difficult backgrounds have been rescued and are on the road to restoration thanks to a partnership between Orphan’s Promise and Exile International.

a house of help and hope for children

Casa Asistencia | Orphan's Promise | Mexico

“house of help” Orphan’s Promise partners with Casa Asistencia, a Christian ministry that protects the health and safety of children caught in civil court cases. Each child’s story is more heartbreaking than the next. As children first arrive at the home, they are evaluated by a doctor and receive a psychological evaluation and treatment plan as… Read more »

Summer Camp Changes Lives

Summer Camp | Orphan's Promise

Summer can be a difficult time for orphaned children, or kids whose families are struggling with poverty, because the support they receive from Orphan’s Promise education programs are suddenly no longer available. The mentorship, discipleship and nutrition they received every day at school are gone.

open borders lead to open hearts in Cuba

Whenever the children meet for the Superbook Club, they receive a warm greeting, a hug, a smile, and nutritious meal. Then the children gather and watch Superbook, learning stories from the Bible and principles to help them live better lives.

mentoring teens to change lives in Kyrgyzstan

17-year-old Vladimir lives in Kyrgyzstan and knows the reality of what it is like to grow up in an orphanage. Dima, who also lives in Kyrgyzstan, works as a cobbler and though his life is far from easy, he never lived in an orphanage.

Syrian refugees find hope far from home

For the last several years, Orphan’s Promise has been partnering with a local ministry, Heart for Lebanon, to reach and educate Syrian refugee children.