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Cielo escapes abuse and finds hope

Cielo is a young girl from Peru whose life got off to a rough start when her mother died and she had to live with an abusive father, but by the grace of God, she arrived at a project supported by Orphan’s Promise, where she began to dream of a brighter future.

Hope House gives shelter to at-risk young girls

Hope House | Peru | Orphan's Promise

Orphan’s Promise is working in Peru to rescue young women who have been abused and abandoned. Hope House is currently a place of restoration and refuge for 11 young girls with histories of being physically abused, sexually molested, trafficked and neglected.

saved from trafficking in order to save lives

Jenny is one young girl in Laos who was not able to study until Fifth Grade. Because she is a recipient of an Orphan’s Promise scholarship, she now has the opportunity to study for free, and follow her dreams to one day become a doctor.

tricked into a life of slavery

Spain | Orphan's Promise

Amy is a young women from Africa. She had always wanted to study and do something meaningful with her life but she came from a very por family and was the oldest of several younger sisters and brothers.