Fifteen-year-old, Vi, was born deaf although it was a couple of years before her family knew it.  She was later abandoned by her parents. She hasn’t seen her mother for years. Her father visits once a year at Tet Holiday.

Vi grew up unable to communicate with others – living not only in a lonely world of silence but also of anger and guilt. Anger – because she was mentally normal but unable to communicate well with others. Guilt – because she was the reason, or so she thought, that her parents divorced.

Thank God for grandparents! Vi’s Grandparents are simple farmers making only $600 per year, but they took her in when her parents divorced. They’ve loved her as their own ever since.

When Vi reached school age, there was a problem. Rural schools didn’t have signing teachers for deaf students, so she couldn’t go to school. The older Vi got, the more frustrated, isolated and angry she became.

Life changed for Vi when New Beginnings School for the Deaf – an Orphan’s Promise-supported program – opened. New Beginnings serves deaf students in her village.

Oh, what a difference God’s love and one year make! Today, Vi is a different girl – much more patient and kind. She loves drawing and math. She can add and subtract 4 digit numbers! She’s more peaceful. On her school field trip to “big – city Danang,” she ate 8 large slices of pizza! Her grandparents told us about the changes they’ve seen in their granddaughter:

“Everyone sees a big change in Vi – in the way she acts.”

God changes lives! Love changes lives! God’s love, through you, changes lives! Vi is evidence!

Thank you, Orphan’s Promise partners, for changing Vi’s life!