hope can change a nation

It’s been nearly nine months since we were on the ground in Ghana, Africa helping to cut the ribbon and pray a blessing over one of our newest partnerships, Project Nyame Nsa’s Village Of Hope.

The village was built as a ‘city on a hill’ in a place where poverty and broken families are practically woven into the fabric of society. Thirty-six orphaned and abandoned children would soon call this place home as they entered new foster families and found new moms and dads who would give them the love they so desperately desired.

faces of hope





We believe strongly that God ordained the family unit as the perfect place for children to grow and develop. When circumstances force children out of their homes, they often end up in orphanages or out on the streets, but whenever possible, we seek to return them to families who will love and support them.

You would never know that the joy you see on the faces of these children today was replaced with fear and uncertainty when they first walked through the gates of The Village of Hope. These children had been abandoned, abused, let down, hurt and disappointed at seemingly every turn in life, and while the offer of a new family sounded appealing, they were cautiously awaiting another letdown.

What they’ve found instead is a new opportunity to hope and dream of a better tomorrow. They are hugged, and bathed, and fed and prayed for by their new parents. They attend school and learn to recognize their giftings and passions. They are learning to build healthy relationships, while allowing the God of the universe, who knows each of them by name, to begin to heal their broken pasts.

family is God’s design


God-sized dream

God gave Devon, the Founder of Project Nyame Nsa, a vision for the children of Africa when she was just a young girl. He told her that she would someday come back to the beautiful nation and be a shining light to the people who were in such dire need of something to believe in. Never forgetting that dream, Devon pursued her education, while her heart longed to return to Africa and break ground on her God-adventure.

He places the lonely in families

When we met Devon and learned about The Village of Hope, we could see that God’s hand was in it, and when God is doing something big, it’s easy to say YES! We are as excited today about our partnership with Project Nyame Nsa as we were the day we cut the ribbon to open its doors. God continues to use this place to carry out His plan for the children of Ghana and we believe He is only getting started.

As more children arrive at The Village of Hope, we can’t help but smile at the symbolism. As believers, we move from darkness into light; from hopelessness to hope; from death to life. As these children walk through the gates at The Village, many leave a very dark past behind them. They are literally walking from a hopeless life into a village built on the hope of the Gospel.


will you join us in taking the hope
we have to the children of the world?

count me in!