“What’s your name?” the teacher asked. The young boy wouldn’t speak a word, he could only look at his brother in embarrassment. “His name is Jeremiah,” his brother spoke up.

It was that day, nearly 8 years ago, that young Jeremiah raised his hand during an altar call at an outreach by Orphan’s Promise partner, Joy Ministries. That day, Jeremiah received Jesus into his heart.

Things began to change for Jeremiah after that and he soon began to blossom into a whole new person. Jeremiah and his brother live with their father in one of the toughest areas of Chesapeake, Virginia. Academic success was a challenge for Jeremiah, not only because of his socio-economic situations but also because of a learning disability. Adding to the difficulty, the boys’ father did not have much education himself and often had trouble helping them with homework.

Schoolwork seemed impossible for Jeremiah, but every day, he would get off the school bus and go to Joy Ministries’ Lighthouse Learning Center and get help with his homework. This young boy, who only years earlier could hardly speak for himself was becoming one of the most outspoken children in his class. Because of the support that the Orphan’s Promise and Joy Ministries have provided for him, Jeremiah has begun to excel and this semester he made honor roll!

Orphan’s Promise donors have been a stabilizing force in Jeremiah’s life and have helped him overcome many obstacles to become the incredible young man he is today. Together Orphan’s Promise and our partners help thousands of students to overcome adversity and excel academically every day all around the world.

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