warm a child. change a life.

Give the gift of warmth to a child in need today!



These children don’t deserve to suffer. They don’t even know they’re poor, but you see them, and you can help!



Parents know they don’t have what they need to provide for these precious children. They’re desperate for your help. 


Your gift

Your gift will transform the lives of these children. Make no mistake about it, your love is the gift they need most this year. 

this is how we show up!

The Roma children are used to lives of instability, hopelessness, and suffering, but our love can break through the pain and provide them with hope. When we show up and we give generously, they begin to believe that they matter. That they are loved. 

  • Every $50 received buys a child in need a warm coat, boots, a hat, gloves and a scarf!
  • We help hundreds of Roma children every year
  • Your gift allows children to continue attending our training centers all winter!

your support means everything

Every donation makes a difference. It’s your way of telling these children,
“I see you. I hear you. I love you. I believe in you.” 

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