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Ukraine is not only in the heart of Europe, it is the birthplace of Orphan’s Promise. Following our Founder’s adoption of three girls from Berdyansk, she felt called to serve the children in orphanages who had not been adopted. In Ukraine, as in many countries around the world, when orphans reach 15 years of age, they are no longer allowed to remain in an orphanage. They are forced out into the world, unprepared for life beyond the orphanage.

In an effort to fill this gap in the orphan care model, Orphan’s Promise began establishing training centers around the country, where aged-out orphans learned necessary life skills like English, computers, and trades, along with receiving emotional support and spiritual discipleship. Today, we run 19 training centers throughout Ukraine, where hundreds of children are building the foundation for their futures.

Throughout Europe in countries like Bosnia, Bulgaria, and Romania our training centers and outreach programs offer at-risk youths an opportunity to learn in safe, loving environments. They learn English and computer skills and study the Bible. They receive warm, nutritious meals and develop healthy relationships with other children from similar situations. In addition to training centers, we have a large number of other programs throughout Ukraine, including, but not limited to pre-schools, homes for single mothers, community health clinics, children’s homes, and schools.

In countries such as Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, we’re giving children a safe place to live and learn, while also helping to put families back together through our Keeping Families Together (KFT) program. Every child belongs in a safe, loving, family environment and our work in this part of the world is making that possible.


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