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Training For Life

An Orphan’s Promise team from Ukraine traveled to Perm, Russia to bring valuable training on the topic of working with orphans and teaching them life skills. Thirty-five individuals who are working with children at risk in central Russia traveled great distances to attend the training so that they could learn how to  effectively reach children in surrounding orphanages.

Located at the edge of Siberia, it is estimated that in this cold and snowy district there are over 90 prisons, and many former orphans are among those living there. There are almost 40 orphanages located in the Perm region alone. This was eye-opening for our Ukrainian team, as they were made aware of the great need for education and resources in this part of Russia.

Numerous participants came up to our team expressing gratitude for bringing such important training.  "This material is so valuable and needed,” said one woman, “thank you for coming, we really needed something like this material: practical, important and yet easy to teach!”  Through this unique training brought to Perm and the resources the people now have in their hands, we know that a great work to vulnerable youth in this region is only beginning.  We are grateful for the opportunity OP had to provide resources and training needed for this work to be effective.



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