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The Land Of A Thousand Smiles

Doesn't that name radiate happiness? After traveling to Thailand for the first time and despite the language barrier, I was reminded of a couple of lessons: how significant a smile can truly be and that laughter is a global language!

Southeast Asia is an incredible part of the world with its own diverse cultures. And while countries like Thailand do have developing economies but predominantly follow other religions, there are still tremendous opportunities for children who need help and to hear about the love of Jesus.

You’ve probably read about Orphan's Promise program called Keeping Families Together (KFT). This is a specific effort to work with Christians for strengthening and empowering local communities to care for vulnerable children. I had the great pleasure of visiting several of these families in Thailand recently and was amazed! These children are able to live with grandparents or other extended relatives, and thus don't have to be sent away to live in an orphanage.

OP regional staff and ministry partners visit these families in different provinces regularly to help in multifaceted ways to support the family and children - health and nutrition, livelihood, education, etc. The biggest joy was to see the encouragement from the families, and experience the delightful fellowship. Their faces always brightened up, sometimes even before we arrived at the door! With each family in different stages of the KFT program and spiritual growth, there was a definite sense that people sincerely cared about them because they were constantly reminded of a true God who deeply loves them.

After learning about the nation of Thailand and meeting these people in their homes, it was a blessing to share smiles and laughter with them.  Please continue to pray with us and the progress being made for these wonderful KFT families!





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