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Spinal Surgery Saves Boy

Hau, a 13 year old Vietnamese boy  suffered for years with curvature of the spine. He is now doing very well after his 8 hour surgery, no more fever and is eating and drinking as normal. Soon after surgery he has begun to smile, something he had not done for quite some time. VietNam Hau surgery Here are before and after pictures of Hau. Notice how his shoulders are now aligned. His parents are farmers, living in poverty, having two other children as well. The parents, several years ago did go to church and did hear the Gospel. Since the problems with Hau and because of other struggles, the family drifted away from the church. Now this family, and especially Hau, has experienced the love of the Lord being poured into their lives by having Christians in America pray for and support the spinal surgery for him. This was a miracle of the Lord, for Hau's family had no hope for him; there were no funds for this delicate, special surgery. With the help of individual Orphan's Promise, the money was raised for the surgery and another $1,000 was given for food, medicine, special after care, back brace etc. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS AND MISSION SUPPORT FOR 13 YEAR OLD HAU! Continue to pray for his complete recovery and for a straight spine as he continues to grow up. Hau is right on the edge of his growth spurt, being now 13 years old.  



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