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Re-homing Problem Has An Answer

Re-homing is a new buzzword that refers to the alarming practice of people who have indulged in international adoptions only to find out it’s more than they can handle. They feel trapped and out-of-control in their ability to parent wounded, traumatized children and so they find someone else who wants them. Through on-line postings and other illegal methods, they are given up to unqualified people, some of whom have had their own children removed from them due to their inability to parent correctly. There are no children’s services agencies involved and they are handed over with a simple Power of Attorney. The result is that these re-parented children are being placed in unhealthy and downright dangerous situations. This practice is also an open door for those who are involved in the sex trafficking of children. Terry Meeuwsen faced many difficult trials and struggles when she adopted three sisters from the Ukraine. It was out of these struggles that she wanted to provide help and hope for those who are parenting wounded children and who have no understanding of how to deal with them and the issues they bring into a home. With the help of a group of parenting experts, she has produced a 2-disc DVD set that explains many of the behaviors that these parents are dealing with and ways to help them cope. The topics include:

  • Disarming Difficult Behaviors
  • Learning to Re-Parent
  • Understanding Food & Sleep Issues
  • Dealing With Lying & Stealing, and much more!

You can find a full explanation of everything this resource has to offer here on our website. If you are considering adoption or foster care, or are in the middle of a situation where you are feeling overwhelmed with having to care for wounded and difficult children, this resource is for you.


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