OP TV Special | Orphan's Promise

OP TV Special

Thanks for your interest in our TV special. You may have seen it on a local cable channel, or if you haven’t, you can watch it right here! It’s all about the children – those who’re waiting, those in need of basic care; food, clothing, shelter, safety from predators, skills training, medical help and more. These are children with no family and we’re asking you to join with us and become the family they need. For just $30 a month, we can supply so many needs. We can let them know that someone cares enough to make a difference in their lives. If you haven’t watched the show – please do so. Be prepared to be moved by the plight of these children and see what a difference you can make! Not everyone can go into the field and deliver a dish of food or a cup of water. Not everyone is called to adopt a child. But we can all do something to help meet the needs of these orphaned and vulnerable children. Won’t you please consider becoming a part of the solution?

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