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Mazuba is Saved!

A 12 year old girl named, Mazuba lost both of her parents to the AIDS pandemic. She was an only child and was taken into custody by her wayward aunt, a single mother who stole all the possessions left behind by her deceased parents, then abandoned her to live in the streets of a slum compound in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia.

Alone, starving, with nowhere to sleep, she wandered the area until she was found by some men who raped her and passed along the HIV virus to her.

The pastor who runs the center that Orphan’s Promise helps to support writes:

"It is a common myth in Zambia that if a man has sexual relations with a virgin, he will be cured of AIDS. Young girls usually fall victim to men like this, especially in the slum compounds where the practice is very common and young girls are frequently raped to their disadvantage with no one to help them pick up the broken pieces of their shattered lives.

“This myth has had devastating effects and has thrust the entire social structure of the area where our center is located into a deep downward spiral."

Mazuba lived in fear and suffered greatly becoming quite frail and losing weight. She said:

"I sometimes looked at the world to be cruel and not a safe place to live in because of not having both parents. Seeing other children of my age enjoy the presence and company of both their parents made me feel very low and lost all hope of living".

Mazuba was a dying orphan child who mattered to no one...

That soon changed when she was introduced to the center in Zambia that OP helps to support, where her basic needs were met along with an abundance of love. Her walls of numbness to the pain of the world finally came down.

Director of the Center, Pastor Salim writes:  "I spoke to her about Jesus and that she is precious in his sight and I could see a happy face and immediately she surrendered and received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of her life."

That day smiles and joy replaced the pain and sadness and true life graced her face and heart.

"She now looks at me as a father and mother for at least taking care of her daily needs and her health has improved by receiving decent meals since she is on ARVS (Anti-RetroVirals) though she sometimes feels ill due to her condition and we constantly monitor her.

She is appealing to OP to help her continue with education and give her the support that she dearly needs.

“While the lives of most orphans we are reaching is difficult, they are not without hope.

“My great appreciation to OP and their partners for the support rendered in this race as without them being used by God, this noble venture would not have been made possible.”

Pastor Salim  



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