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Let's Do More In 2-0-1-4!

I greatly enjoy movies!  Especially the inspirational genre, there is something captivating about a true story that warms the heart or provokes further thought about amazing situations.  Whether it is an exciting sports movie or some other uplifting film, there are stories that share about people who have been motivated to achieve a personal dream, or somehow make a difference when no one thought it mattered or was possible!  December seems to have more positive movies on television for families, but they usually reflect the holidays rather than the need to inspire. I was checking the channels recently and happened to watch the remainder of a familiar movie.  The name of the film is called Radio, and I highly recommend it.  It’s the true story in the mid-1970's of a well-known football coach that befriends an unpopular teenager living in a small town.  I promise not to ruin anything but in one scene, there is a key statement by the football coach.  His words stand out when he says that no one should ever have pity on the boy because that was the last thing that was needed.  Even though the boy had been ignored by many people, the simple desire of the coach was to be kind and encourage others to do so as well. IMG_0122 Orphan's Promise currently has a variety of projects with ministry partners on five continents and fifty countries including the U.S.  Our hearts are filled with compassion for children, whether we can impact a group of lives or one child at a time like that coach.  There are so many opportunities all over the world!  And even though no one is making a movie about us, we all have the chance to help rewrite a child's life story.  In some places, it is incredible what little change is needed to make a big difference!  In developing and third world countries, there are families struggling to provide basic needs for an infant; or a parent who is willing to put their young children in a government institution because of extreme poverty; or teenagers who are willing to do whatever is necessary just to survive. In Matthew 19, Jesus told large crowds and religious leaders, “You must let little children come to me, and you must never prevent their coming."  Scripture also says that Jesus even laid his hands on them, probably praying for them and blessing them.  At Orphan's Promise, we have a saying: We are committed to helping take children from striving to thriving!  We frequently receive emails from people who learn about Terry's story or discover Orphan's Promise, and they want to do something!  We all want to be obedient and follow Jesus' example, and anyone can be an advocate!  In the days before the New Year, will you please pray and ask God to show a way that you might get involved in your community or join us in reaching children of all ages to get the help they need?  We are excited about 2014 and continually grateful for your prayers and support.  Thank you and Happy New Year!

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