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Keeping Families Together!

Orphan’s Promise is currently supporting two KFT (Keeping Families Together) programs in Thailand. This is making it possible for 19 families (82 beneficiaries, 46 of whom are orphans or other highly vulnerable children) to be strengthened so they can remain together as a family, learn about the love of Jesus, and have a better opportunity to develop into all that God has for each one of them. As I witness the joy and transformation that only God can bring in these children and their families over time, I want to thank those of you who have contributed to Orphan’s Promise to help these orphans and vulnerable children remain in a safe and loving family. Through the grace of God, you are helping to make a better family for these children so that love can blossom forth in each precious life. Thank you, on behalf of each one of them.

Coming together and enjoying a fun day.


There are both ups and downs with tears and joy, as we learn to listen and love the broken and hurting where they are at. Over time, we do see transformation in many lives and hearts through the love of Jesus that is shared in both word and deed. The growth of love becomes more evident in the lives of these parents/ guardians and in the children they are caring for, as we all work together with local churches to develop security, boundaries, significance, community and creativity in each life and family. There are also many supporters involved in helping these families learn how to effectively care for their children with life lessons, hygiene, first aid and financial responsibility. Once a month, these families get together and have a fun, day out. You can see by the faces of the children this is a very good thing!



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