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Grace For Ghana

Orphan's Promise has been enabling students in Ghana to attend school. Several have attended the University and others are in the lower grades. All are so grateful to OP for helping them to achieve their hard won goals of getting an education.

Twenty-One (21) students who are living in communities close enough to Accra were invited to collect their fees personally from the CBN Ghana office.  They submitted receipts of the payments from their respective schools to the office.

The local Orphans Promise coordinating team paid their fees to the respective institutions directly on their behalf. During the visit, the team met their teachers to assess their academic performance.  The Orphans Promise team can confirm that there have been remarkable improvements in both academic and social lives of all beneficiaries.

We were delighted to find out that one of our students is holding the position of school prefect. In her acceptance speech, she attributed her achievements to the assistance offered to her by Orphans Promise and was very appreciative.

Orphans Promise has also supported the needs of children in  the Joy school complex by presenting a 3,000-litre storage facility to solve their water shortage problems.  Furthermore, Orphans Promise donated some assorted foods and toiletries for the children’s upkeep. This is when a social worker narrated the plight of the children of the school to Orphans Promise.

Madam Ama, mother of the needy home, was grateful to Orphans Promise for her timely donation. “Thank you CBN Orphans Promise for the food items and water tank.  The children will have some food to eat today and those who have left the school will come back because food and water are now available for them,” she said.

Thanks for helping the children of Ghana!  




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