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Good Results at the Orphanage

Orphan’s Promise provides lessons of English, informatics, life skills lessons and children’s club every Thursday at our boarding schools for orphans in Kiev.

At one orphanage, they celebrated St. Valentine’s Day. The students organized a great holiday for everyone. They prepared dances, songs, poems and invited the whole team of “School of Life” teachers to be the guests of this event. The party was very lovely and all were thankful to these talented and gifted kids. What a joy to see them so filled with a life worth living.

“Love is…” party took place on the 15th of February. There were a lot of positive moments, songs and music. The social topic was discussed about the meaning of love for modern teenagers. This was an important lesson for these youngsters who have heard very little, if anything, positive about this topic.

Friends of the orphanage gave fresh fruit and clothes to the orphans of Vyshevychi boarding school on the 21 of February. All the kids were happy and expressed their sincere gratitude. We are thankful to our friends and to everybody who has open heart towards the lives of these children and contributes into the next generation.

“Narnia” step-show-ballet visited Vyshevychi orphanage on the 28th of February and introduced their wonderful concert program and involved not only the students of this school but also the teachers. Master-class and communication with the kids were provided in the end of the program.

Some of our students attending vocal classes; Taras, Anya and Anzhelika, recorded a song for participation in the contest at “Teen TV” channel in Russia! If chosen as winners, these students will go to St. Petersburg for the participation in shooting the video clip.  It lifts self-esteem of the students greatly and gives them a possibility to believe in their abilities. We are praying and voting for their victory. Taras, Anya and Anzhelika have been attending young meetings of “Hillsong” church since December and already prayed the prayer of repentance.

Anya wrote the following comment at her page in facebook: “We recorded audio track in the best and coolest audio studio of Ukraine for the contest at “Teen TV” channel in Russia!!! Yes, yes, yes! It was super! We dream about victory now to visit the great city of St. Petersburg and shoot our own professional video clip! I and Taras would like to express gratitude to Orphan’s Promise’s “School of Life” charitable project for providing us with such incredible possibility to develop our talents! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Praise the Lord for such a nice gift! We are proud to have you as the people that are always ready to support us, provide with useful piece of advice and direct us to the right way towards our dreams. The dreams come true! I can tell you that for sure. You need to just want it.”

Such a positive result from a little investment into the lives of these children who have come from so little and are learning so much!



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