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Cub Scout Troop Helps OP!

I'm always amazed when I see the creative ways that folks find to help us help deserving children.

Under our FAQ's, we explain how it's not practical to give clothing or other items as the cost of shipping is prohibitive. It's most cost-effective to buy items that are needed in country, so donating money is always the best way to help us help the kids in need.

A young boy named Asher found a way to give that involved his cub scout troop. They provided a special occasion and many people had the blessing of giving. Asher's mom writes. . . .

Asher's party was a great success.  All of his fellow Scouts & their families came out to support him. However one Scout, Conner, had to have an emergency appendectomy the morning of the party.

God blessed us with favor from three local businesses that donated food & refreshments for the Donation party. It was such a bountiful blessing! Additionally the YMCA supplied all the decorations & paper products. It truly was a day of giving.

Asher greeted everyone & pretty much hosted the event on his own. This has been such a memorable & impacting experience for him & his Scout friends.  Asher's name means "he is blessed" and that certainly rang true throughout the course of this endeavor.  

We asked some of the parents & Scouts to share how this joint effort had impacted their family & I'll forward those to you soon. It's been a pleasure working with you. You have been very generous & accommodating. Thank you so much for everything! 

I would like to thank Asher, his Cub Scout troop, and all those who participated for raising over $300 to help needy children! God bless you!  

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