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Armenian Training Centers - They Work!

Armenia is a tiny country but boasts deep Christian roots; in fact Armenia was the first nation in the world to adopt Christianity (301 AD).  Yet it is also a country still struggling its way out of poverty and hardship, after the devastating 1988 earthquake, which claimed over 30,000 lives.  With a poor economy and a high cost of living, 35% of families are living below the poverty line and struggle to provide a future for their children.  Learning to speak English or learning to use a computer are considered a luxury and yet these are the very skills that would grant them better opportunities in life. With this in mind, I’m excited to share how Orphan’s Promise is making a difference in Armenia and partnering with the local church to do so! Through 4 training centers in 4 different Armenian cities, Orphan’s Promise is actively educating children at risk and children from impoverished families.  Thanks to our support, kids and teens are able to attend weekly classes in computers, English and Bible. Our centers offer a peaceful refuge from the often-volatile homes from which these children come.    Kids are so hungry for knowledge that some of our students travel as far as 40 miles to attend the weekly lessons! Beautiful brown eyes greeted me at each of the centers I visited and one thing was evident in all these beautiful eyes—they were eager to learn and so grateful for the opportunity they’d been given.  Words of thank you and gratitude to Terry and our team were continually voiced. What impressed me the most about our work being done in Armenia is that it is done in connection with the local church.  As a result, the kids are coming to our centers, developing relationships with our team, meeting Jesus, and then getting plugged in with a church where they are growing and being discipled.  The kids are even bringing their parents to church with them and as a result their parents are meeting Jesus! I had the opportunity of meeting one teen girl who is making a new life for herself and her son, thanks to the Armenian OP staff.

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At 18, Bavakan found herself with an unplanned pregnancy and thought her only option was to abort the baby.  She was getting ready to have the abortion when she met someone from our training center who offered her counsel and advise.  Thanks to the timely intervention Bavakan is now Mama to a beautiful one-year-old boy, is attending church and is also at the OP center each week learning English! What a beautiful picture of God’s redemptive hand at work.  A life saved and a young woman given a new chance at life. Thank you for helping us meet the needs of these deserving children.



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