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A New Home, A New Future

I am blessed to be one of the newer additions to the Orphan’s Promise Family, and will be visiting and monitoring our various projects. Previously, I have traveled to Latin America as well as Asia in previous work, but have always had a desire to see Africa. For me, Nigeria was an introduction to the reality and truth of that country's deep need. It is different to see poverty on TV, or the internet and to experience it in person. The vivid images that were seen will never be forgotten and will forever be impressed upon my heart.

Abuja has nearly twice the population size of our area here in Virginia but with half the land mass, so the density of the population was a bit overwhelming.  I was on sensory overload as we drove through Abuja and some of the outer lying villages. From the taxi drivers surrounding the airport offering services to the assortment of street vendors, there was always something being offered for sale.  A variety of vegetables, fruit, and nuts were commonly being sold at most road intersections.

The purpose of our visit was to dedicate an orphanage in Nigeria that is run by a pastor and his wife. There are over 40 children as well as infants. CBN’s regional Nigeria office works with this ministry and they are the hands and feet of this effort. Orphan’s Promise was able to dedicate a completed and furnished orphanage, as well as provide back packs with school supplies to the children.

After the orphanage dedication ceremony and prayer blessing, the  back packs were distributed. The children anxiously opened them to see their new supplies and a couple goodies as well.  It was like Christmas in August, and while it’s difficult to describe the joy and happiness expressed by the children, their smiles and excitement told the story!

I’m looking forward to meeting more of the children that Orphan’s Promise serves – they are the reason we’re here and we thank you for walking with us.



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