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A Little Girl's Story

There is a special place that Orphan’s Promise supports called “Father’s Home”. It helps orphaned and abandoned children in the Kiev region. Here is a report from the Director about one of the precious children who has made an amazing recovery.

“Veronica (4 years old) came to us in September, 2012. We noticed a lot of problems at once in her psycho-emotional condition, state of health and intellectual development. The reason was apparent; she was brought up by alcohol addicted parents.

Veronica spoke as though she were a child of two years rather than four. She was afraid of everything, kept silence almost all the time, couldn’t pronounce many letters, wasn’t able to dress herself, didn’t know colors and many other basic things. She didn’t want to play with other kids at all, but used to take their toys. Veronica was afraid to walk up and down the stairs and did her best to hide when adults talked to her, especially men.  The girl was physically exhausted, with lice in her hair, low weight, level of hemoglobulin of 88 and she had deep rhinitis. She couldn’t sleep well at nights, used to wake up all the time, cried and wet her bed.

After six months in Father’s Home, Veronica began to blossom thanks to the excellent help she has received here! She talks a lot, rejoices, has fun, laughs and runs. She is learning to count, knows almost all the colors, makes puzzles, enjoys books, knows the names of various animals. She likes to play with other kids and study with them in one group. She stopped fighting and enjoys singing. She doesn’t cry at nights anymore, the level of hemoglobulin increased. The girl eats very well and already ggained 2.5 kg. And, she no longer wets her bed at night.”

This is why we do what we do! When you can see results like this – children’s lives literally being changed in a matter of months, it is a joy to all involved. I hope you feel as blessed as we do when we see results like this!



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