A Home For Maria

September 25th, 2013 by Karen Springs

On a recent visit to a remote village in Ukraine, our OP team was checking on the construction of a home we were building for a family. The story of this family is a heart-warming, successful one. However, in these desperately poor villages, you only have to turn around to see yet another sad story. There we met Maria and heard of her heart break.

Maria was living in another city in Ukraine with her husband and five children. When she became pregnant with her sixth child, her alcoholic husband kicked her and the children out of the house! Maria and her children traveled to the village where her father was living to ask him for help.

He let her live with him for a short while, but when he was drunk he would become hostile and throw them out. Maria told us her father had moved to another village and she and her children had been staying in his empty house. Since his current house needed a new roof, he decided to send some men to old house and take roof from the home Maria and her children were staying in.

The day we arrived, Maria was standing outside the home with her children and all their belongings, sobbing, as two men destroyed the roof of her home. It was so strange to be standing there witnessing this incredible act of cruelty by a father to his daughter and grandchildren!


The weather had already turned damp and cold and her youngest child is only 11 months old and quite ill!  It was very clear this was a desperate situation. She was looking for help in any form available. We were able to give Maria some money for food. We also prayed God’s provision for her, and as we prayed, tears streamed down her face. She was so grateful for prayer and the money we offered her. We told her we would do our best to find a solution to her problem.

Funding has been approved by Orphan’s Promise for a home for Maria and her children. We are currently assessing the best way to provide for her. Today, our contact in the region, told us there is a home in the village that we can purchase and do some work to make it livable winter and summer. Another option is to build her a house from the ground up. Either way, Maria will have a safe and secure home to live in with her children.  With winter just around the corner our hope is to have her in her home in the next two months. With funding approved, this is now our priority!

Thank you for the help you provide when you give to Orphan’s Promise. So many people in the world do not have family to stand by them, but together, we can be that family.


Karen Springs

About Karen Springs

Project Manager for CIS & Eastern Europe. Karen Springs has lived and worked in Kiev, Ukraine since 2004 with CBN and Orphan’s Promise. A native of Seattle, Washington, Karen moved to Ukraine after graduating from Seattle Pacific University in 2004 with a degree in Communication and Theatre. With a heart for orphan care and adoption, Karen oversees the operations of Orphan’s Promise projects in the CIS and Eastern Europe. These projects include a campaign for promoting adoption among Ukrainian nationals, post adoption support and training, life skills training for older orphans and leading summer camps for orphans. In addition Karen runs a hospitality ministry to American adoptive families that is supported in part by Orphan’s Promise. Karen is also a blogger and photographer and enjoys capturing the work of Orphan’s Promise through her lens.